• Toronto is 5th fastest growing city of Ontario
  • Ranked for most desirable real estate, as its fourth most desirable liveable city in the world
  • Largest city, consistently made news for scorching real estate market
  • City houses ~8% of total Canada’s population
  • Immigration and inter-provincial migration are forecasted to be the biggest drivers of the population growth

Latest Toronto Real Estate stats (Aug 23- Oct 16, 2018)

  • Average house price: $895,986
  • Listings available for sale: 5,163
  • Median days on market for home sale: 19 days
  • Average sold price: $896k, +10.7% (monthly), +7.2 (quarterly), +7.1% (yearly)
  • 5 year Return on Investment: 8.7%
  • 10 year Return on Investment: 7.07%
  • Sale: 3,018 homes (18 Sep-18 to 16 Oct-18)


Average monthly sales price of all properties in last one year

Composite Properties Housing Price Index over last 13 years

Performance of Property Types in Toronto (Aug -Sep 2018)

Single Family House

Town House


See what market experts are saying:

The upward movement is a sign “home buyers are starting to move back into the market,” said TREB president Garry Bhaura

Toronto region housing, which has slumped since the introduction of the Fair Housing Policy in April 2017, is following the same pattern as Vancouver after it was subjected to a foreign buyers’ tax. Nearly two years later, there are signs that detached homes on the west coast are starting to rise again — which may happen in Toronto too. Sotheby’s CEO Brad Henderson said he expects home prices will rise by the end of the year in Toronto, although sales volumes will likely remain flat. “There’s going to continue to be upward pressure on prices in the single digits. It will probably be in the 5 percentage range,” he said. “Costs continue to rise — there continues to be more demand than there is supply

“The (Greater Toronto Area) housing market is back on an uptrend following the B-20 adjustment phase, reflecting a build-up in pent-up demand,” noted Sebastien Lavoie, chief economist at Laurentian Bank, referring to new mortgage qualification guidelines

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